Meet our team:

Sherry has 26 years of experience in canine obedience, breeding and grooming so to say she loves animals would be quite an understatement. Sheis a hard worker and pays close attention to detail so you can rest assured that she will make sure your pets’ every desire is her top priority while they are her guest.

Abbie, Amber and Ashley are all responsible for seeing that our clients are happy and that all our guests are well cared for and are having FUN! While it is obvious that all these girls love taking care of the animals, they each have a favorite part of their jobs which make our team work so well together. Abbie is a people person. She really enjoys making sure our clients have a great experience each and every time they call or visit. Amber is great at figuring out what each pet likes and then making sure it is provided along with a little extra pampering to all the guests. She also grooms and does a fantastic job with the detail work. Ashley works very hard at keeping all the guests happy and we are not just talking about dogs and cats, we include birds, ferrets, and whatever species that may come to stay with us. All the guests love our team.

Joseph, Christina and Ivan help round out our team with their love of animals and when they are not at school they help keep our clients busy and active.

Andy is one of our canine obedience trainers. His love for dog training began many years ago when he saw a need at his local shelter to help dogs with behavior issues that were preventing them from being adopted. He decided to start fostering hard to place dogs and working with them so they could be placed in forever homes. He is awesome to work with and will help you and your dog to reach your goals.

Valerie has 20 years of experience in grooming all breeds of canines and felines . She is eager to make your fur baby look their very best. Whether it’s just for a bath or a totally new ‘do’ just give us a call and she will give your pet the spa treatment they deserve.